Demonology: Demons & Devils: Spiritual Warfare

I have managed to compile information I researched in such a way that it must make a difference in people’s lives. After reading this book, one will be compelled to be more attentive towards certain things than before. One will also have a better understanding of God’s plan with us and how we must live our lives. The devil uses what we already own or posses to deceive us. What we say, think, do or hear is equally important to him as it is to us, when it comes to issues of faith. Certainly the devil won’t waste any opportunity he has to corrupt our method of serving our Lord, and to ultimately have us turn against The Lord Almighty. Everyone is easy prey to the slave master, unless prepared. One has to be fully equipped to stand against satan in battle. How can we defend ourselves against satan, who has plagued the earth for centuries?. Most people don’t know about the legions upon legions of demons that serve satan and also moves in the spiritual world/realm.
ISBN: 9781782990024
Type: Paperback
Pages: 150
Published: 30 November 2012
Price: $32.24