Diamonds and Death on the Algarve

It’s a double whammy for 27 year old Londoner Miranda Ellison when she loses both her job and her boyfriend after finding him in dubious circumstances with a colleague. Though unwilling to rush into a new relationship, she agrees to accompany her new friend, Didier, on a photographic assignment in southern Portugal. Soon after they arrive, a man is found with his throat cut in a car outside their villa. He is a victim of a Serbian hit-squad, contracted to kill a Brazilian drug smuggler. The police investigation is led by the lazy Inspector da Silva, supported by the more competent Agente Benedita Pereira. Miranda finds herself in danger because the Serbs think she was a witness and Didier becomes a suspect when the police find that his father had been an anti-government activist before the Portuguese Revolution of 1974. Amid the confusion, Miranda and Didier become embroiled in the investigation, and try to find their own answers. Miranda discovers a feistiness in herself, a quality that becomes essential to her survival. Having to depend more and more on their own resources, the jokey relationship between Miranda and Didier becomes more intense as the story moves to its violent conclusion.
ISBN: 9781782994169
Type: Paperback
Pages: 252
Published: 9 May 2013
Price: $12.95

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