Digweed the Cat

Digweed was just an ordinary cat, but once you have read his story, you will understand why the words "ordinary" and "cat" do not fit well together. Part fact - part fiction, the amazing adventures of "Digweed the Cat" is a must read for all animal lovers. The story tells how Digweed, a stry kitten, finds a home and then becomes lost, many miles from his new family. Will his determination, his courage and his feline instinct be enough to help him find his way back, or will life take a different turning? Meet the friends, and enemies that Digweed meets. Be amazed by the ingenuity he displays. Laugh a lot - and cry a little too - just as I did when writing this account of a cat that I so dearly loved. Once you have read his story, you will never look at another cat without wondering if ............. Please enjoy!
ISBN: 9781781762387
Type: Paperback
Pages: 374
Published: 18 April 2012
Price: $12.95