Do you believe in flying trumpets?

Sergeant Peter Ainsworth is no ordinary cop. He has a psychic gift. Which enables him to quickly tell if someone is lying or if they have something to hide and can usually tell quickly if someone is involved in a crime or not. But knowing something and proving it are two different things. But his intuition can lead him the where he will find the evidence.. He is a maverick and uses unconventional methods which sometimes get him into trouble and contribute to his fractious relationship with his superiors and colleagues.. What starts of to be a simple murder inquiry leads to something deeper and very much more complicated involving a corrupt hedge fund and Colombian drug traffickers.. But amidst all that, Peter has to grapple with a range of personal problems and difficulties with relationships.. There is one trusty sidekick without whom he would not be able to solve this case and that is Catreona Williams, with her loyalty, dedication and tireless work. It was Peter who took her under his wing and pushed her to go for promotion to Sergeant.. It is his maverick methods and sometimes even barely legal practices that finally enable him to wrap up this case..
ISBN: 9781788765268
Type: Paperback
Pages: 146
Published: 28 September 2018
Price: $10.25

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