EKKO Thirty 6 Black Bees

Dark tunnels and ancient semblances aren’t usually associated with rock-n-roll shows, but crossing the portals of time is the only way CJ can pull these stage sensations off. That’s not going over so well with the Grand Dame of EKKO, who has decided to teach CJ a lesson. Accused of waging war with the spirit world, CJ is Yanked from his environment and challenged with a paranormal stand off. Brandon is hanging on by a thread during CJ’s absence, bound to secrecy by skepticism. CJ returns just in time to straighten things out, but he’s been striped of the Hayson. His technical skills are put to the test and he’s forced to produce the phantoms by manipulating sound frequencies. Cavanaugh has CJ arrested after the show in Savannah and the road crew is getting fed up with the curveballs. Since no one can provide a reliable answer for the stage marvels, the media takes the story by the horns. The ghost activity is abundant in Charleston, and now that CJ knows about EKKO, it’s getting hard to tell who’s human. But the show must go on and the time-wedged, stage spectacle at the Paradox surpasses everything he’s ever done.
ISBN: 9781781767948
Type: Paperback
Pages: 257
Published: 28 September 2012
Price: $12.65

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