“The wages of sin is DEATH”. This is the terrifying message a band of thieves find during a midnight heist gone horrifyingly wrong. Trapped by a horde of faceless vigilantes, the crooks see an opportunity to escape when they discover the entrance to a vast, abandoned Cold War nuclear bunker. But the crooks' apparent salvation turns out to be only the start of a journey into the blackest hell. The vigilantes knew of the bunker all along, and now, trapped within the sprawling underground complex, the hunted criminals one by one fall victim to a systematic campaign of stalking, gruesome traps and bloody vengeance. For reformed thief Kim Sawyer – blackmailed back into the business – it’s going to be the longest night of her life. Faced with ghosts from her criminal past, unless somewhere in the dark she finds courage and redemption, there’s little chance she'll see daylight again... Pray there's another way out. “Exit, by Julian Boote, is a terrifying read that will keep you up well after your bedtime. And you might want to leave the lights on.”—Self-Publishing Review “…richly imagined, and its characters are fun to follow—even into deadly catacombs.”—Kirkus Reviews
ISBN: 9781785106651
Type: Paperback
Pages: 594
Published: 8 April 2015
Price: $14.95

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