Elsewheres and Elsewhens

Quantum psychology meets quantum physics in these four plays, which each deal with the "other sides" of space and time. MY YET UNKNOWN FRIENDS (adapted frpm John Buchan's classic 1911 story, 'Space') proposes a shadowy parallel universe run by what might be called the mathematics of immaterial matter. FLY FORGOTTEN, AS A DREAM, its thematic companion piece. considers the possibility that more than one present may exist at one and the same times. They are identical in some ways, but radically variant in others. THEY DON'T MAKE CHRISTMAS LIKE THEY USED TO is set in the harsh reality of 22nd-century Mars. It shows that the future is indeed going to be a foreign country; they will do things differently there. In YESTERDAY IS NOT TOO FAR, the past both darkens the present and casts light on the future. The Time-Space Continuum is all-too-often out of joint.
ISBN: 9781839455308
Type: Paperback
Pages: 132
Published: 27 October 2020
Price: $10.25

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