Enemies of God

"Enemies of God" is a women's fiction basing on terrorism and its eradication. The novel is of multi-cultural society with the background of British-India and religious integrity which generates a synergistic effect against the terrorism. This synergistic effect gives birth of a non-violent movement organised by Hasina, wife of Moinuddin against innocent killing by the terrorists. Maria, daughter of late George Gomes, loved a Hindu boy, Hari. But, Moinuddin wanted to marry her as his second wife. A Christian boy John also wanted to marry her. Her step father attempted to rape her. Sam Roy, Hari's close friend, widower brought up a small kid of a Muslim terrorist couple as his own grand-daughter with Hindu culture. She later became a most efficient police officer and terror to the terrorists in Indian Kashmir where she traced out her parents in jail. She was extremely excited and happy. But she was in a dilemma to accept her terrorist parents. Hasina was severely assaulted physically with gang-rapping of one of her minor students for violation of fatwa from Maulovis to stop her school. To know how all those women conquered terrorists ultimately, we have to read the full book.
ISBN: 9781908481467
Type: Paperback
Pages: 274
Published: 6 September 2012
Price: $12.95