Every Little Thing She Does....

Too many hormones; too many records. It’s tough being a sixth former in 1981. "I was becoming a tart. A tart with a fickle heart.' Back in those heady days of the late seventies, it had seemed so simple to Tim James. He’d always thought he would only ever have two loves; his favourite band; The Police, and the beautiful, but oh-so unobtainable, Alison Fisher. But now it’s the eighties and there’s so many new loves for Tim to choose from. Sting has to compete with Dexy’s Midnight Runners, The Jam and Spandau Ballet. And Alison’s got rivals too. For starters, there’s the gorgeous red head behind the counter in the local HMV. Ands then there’s his sister’s sexy workmate; the one with those mini-skirts and the all year round tan. Life just got complicated for the hero of Does Everyone Stare The way I Do?
ISBN: 9781908603197
Type: Paperback
Pages: 402
Published: 8 December 2011
Price: $14.45