Everything Can Change

“I never wanted you. You were the biggest mistake I ever made.” There were only two things Cassie Wilder was certain of during her childhood: she was not wanted, and she was not loved. Rejected and abused by her parents, Cassie came to believe that the treatment she received was the punishment that she deserved. Her crime? The audacity of surviving birth. Her childhood systematically destroyed by the horrific sexual abuse inflicted upon her by her father, Cassie grew into a deeply troubled teenager. By her early twenties, Cassie was on a path to self-destruction. The only future she saw for herself was in a coffin. But, in Cassie’s darkest hour, she discovered a light shining in her darkness. Jesus, the Light of the World, was calling out to her. Tentatively, Cassie reached out to Him - but even as she asked Jesus to become Lord of her life, she was still afraid to trust. For seven years, she held back, until a powerful encounter with the Holy Spirit led Cassie to surrender to her Lord and Saviour. Over the course of just twelve months, Cassie's life changed as God worked restoration within her. This is her story.
ISBN: 9781781760475
Type: Paperback
Pages: 259
Published: 24 February 2012
Price: $12.95