Expiry Date

London City Region in the year 2138 – Organised society throughout the world no longer exists, ravaged by disease and crashed economies. Britain alone stands. Yet from the utopia of London City Region, all is not as it seems. It is here that we meet Adam, a likable and easy going character who reluctantly becomes the hero in order to get justice for his much loved great grandfather. The epitome of an ordinary man achieving extraordinary results under the right circumstances. Adam accompanies his ninety five year old great grandfather, Vinnie, to hospital for what should be a routine operation. Yet the appearance of a suspicious character that coincides with Vinnies death changes everything. This sets in motion a chain of events that leads Adam and Louise – a doctor and ally at the hospital – fleeing for their lives. With nowhere safe to go within London City Region, they are forced to escape to Bristol City Region. From here, they discover that everything that had believed about the Reunified Republic of Great Britain is built upon lies. The living conditions of Bristol City Region (and all of the other city regions within the country) are archaic, and the treatment of those who live there barbaric. Shocked by what they find, Adam and Louise set about letting the people know all about the plight of those who live outside of the walls of London City Region. All while a secret and ruthless organisation from within the government are doing their upmost to silence them. Expiry Date is a fast paced dystopian adventure. Some of the key events throughout the world, and within Britain are used as the catalyst for what the future holds – Brexit, Ebola, Zika all play their part in creating the world that becomes the setting for Expiry Date.
ISBN: 9781786974532
Type: Paperback
Pages: 294
Published: 4 November 2016
Price: $12.95

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