Jack didn't have a good start in life. At 17 he is homeless, mixed up with the evil drug dealer known as Ger, and living in a world where he doesn't belong. Enter; Chairman, the charismatic and fun-loving tramp with a swanky, up-town accent who hasn't a clue who he is! After rescuing the spirited gypsy girl, Sky, from an attempted abduction, they are plunged into a murder mystery and adventure beyond their imagination! While unravelling Chairman’s forgotten life and searching for Sky’s lost mother, Jack reveals his incredible gifts. Sky discovers her photographic memory, and Chairman’s real identity involves them with a narcissistic neuroscientist intent on splitting everyone’s soul and controlling the minds of everyone he experiments on. Will they discover the truth? Will they escape the lunatic scientist and ultimately stay together? Will they survive the mind-blowing explosive adventure that becomes their life?
ISBN: 9781781768860
Type: Paperback
Pages: 209
Published: 7 January 2013
Price: $12.65