Fall of Freedom

A fragile peace has lasted fifteen years since Lord Voltan Turiel ended the war. Due to his strength no one would dare start another war but now he is getting on in years disturbances have been occurring with entire villages from several countries being wiped out. Rumours say it is monsters but such things don’t exist so a peace summit has been set to find the true culprit and avoid an unnecessary war between suspicious neighbouring countries. Clive Garret in his first leadership role as royal guard must escort Prince Zack Hiram to the peace summit but on the way they encounter a village under attack and learn the horrific truth. Now they must get to the summit and reveal what they learned before they are silenced. The very fate of the planet hangs in the balance as a war far greater than anything before may begin if they fail.
ISBN: 9781908603876
Type: Paperback
Pages: 333
Published: 29 October 2011
Price: $14.50

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