Famous & Shameless

Magenta Valentina used to be normal teenager from Liverpool until she was plucked from obscurity in the middle of George Henry Lees and became an international model and if that wasn't enough, she became the nations sweetheart by morphing into a rock chick. Married to Max Maxwell, one of the American music industries toughest managers she seems to have had it made. Except she hides a secret heart break. What happened to the boy who broke her heart and just disappeared out of her life? Hunter Cole has a past that he's long since buried, forced to leave the woman he loves he reinvents himself. Seventeen years later he finds himself in the same hotel as her. Is it a coincidence though? Someone is out to get her and he may be the only person who can work out what's going on, but letting her get under his skin again could cost her, her life. Magenta plans a home coming event in Liverpool to celebrate the release of her latest album, culminating in a weekend break at a secluded Manor House, with her nearest and dearest friends. What she doesn't know is these people may not be the friends she thinks they are... When a dead body is discovered it opens a closest full of skeletons, but when you're famous, nothing can touch you...right?
ISBN: 9781786974303
Type: Paperback
Pages: 434
Published: 27 October 2016
Price: $14.45

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