Flashman's Winter

This book fills in two gaps in Flashman’s career, hitherto uncovered by his memoirs. The bulk of this volume is taken up with Flashman’s adventures in what was then Prussia, but which now comprises Poland, Russia and the Baltic states. In 1806 Prussia declared war on France and in a disastrous campaign lost most of its territory. Russia was forced to come to its aid and Britain too sent observers to assess how to help. Flashman joins this mission in what should have been a safe diplomatic visit – but of course was anything but. From bloody, frozen retreats to battles in blizzards, he is soon in the thick of the action as a country fights for its very survival. Diplomatic intrigues follow and, with the aid of a Russian countess, our hero uncovers the enemy’s plans – and works to frustrate them. Also included is the short story Flashman’s Christmas, set in Paris a few months after the battle of Waterloo. As royalists conduct vindictive purges on former Bonapartists, Flashman is embroiled in a notorious eve of execution jail-break as he is reunited with old friends to outwit old enemies.
ISBN: 9781803021867
Type: Paperback
Pages: 334
Published: 14 September 2021
Price: $12.95

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