Folk tales and Fables of The Gambia Volume 3

The book is a collection of folk tales from the Wollof, Mandingo and Fula tribes. Boppi Jerreh is an island on the River Gambia and a myth surrounds the immense power of the genii living near it. The power of that genii has been narrated by the peoples of the capital Banjul and the Niumis that are part of the northern part of the country. The fables in the book bring out the difference in the characters of hyena, hare, snake, elephant and tiger. The animals portray good virtues, deceit and other traits that are encountered in life. The story of Mai brings out the difficulties encountered by an eligible lady in choosing her husband. Her experience teaches the virtue of humility. The narrative about the six children of the world is based on creation. it weaves in the importance attached to family values such as sincerity and genuine friendship that are threatened with extinction.
ISBN: 9781781765388
Type: Paperback
Pages: 184
Published: 9 July 2012
Price: $11.95