Ghost of Drumlin Castle

When Joshua, a thirteen year old, explores the dungeon in Drumlin Castle, in Ireland, little does he know that he is unleashing forces of evil. The evil, known locally as the "Thing" is out to seek revenge on the English for their past misdemeanours in Ireland. Joshua is haunted by sightings of a ghostly, dark, figure of a boy who seems intent on telling him something. He suffers a series of life-threatening accidents and realises that something is out to get him. He and his friend, Sarah, appeal to the Catholic priest for help but he seems afraid and proves powerless against the "Thing". So Joshua, with the help of Sarah, takes it upon himself to exorcise these ghosts of the past and end the evil that has gone on for years. In so doing he puts his life in danger - will he be strong enough to face the collective evil that is centuries old?
ISBN: 9781786107916
Type: Paperback
Pages: 278
Published: 9 March 2016
Price: $12.95

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