God With Us

This fascinating drama set against the historical backdrop of the 17th Century, located mainly in Nantwich, Cheshire, opens with the visit of King James to Nantwich in 1617. The story weaves its way through many accurately researched details of the salt industry, the plague, the 30 Years War in Germany and Austria, then home again to Cheshire for the monumental events of the English Civil War. The fictitious characters live within the real drama of the epoch, bringing a first-hand view on those frightening and revolutionary years. John Longworth was a school teacher who spent many years inspiring children in Nantwich, Crewe, and other locations in his characteristic history-told-through-stories style. Walk with him through the streets of this 17th Century Cheshire town; witness the tearing down of the ancient Sandbach crosses; share the fear and pain of lives afflicted by the Black Scourge; visit a Cheshire Prophet; discover the strategies of war in Europe and in the Civil War; meet the celebrated Oliver Cromwell on his rise to power; witness the execution of King Charles I; live through the events of the battles, both national and personal, that draw together in this absorbing story of the times.
ISBN: 9781781766507
Type: Paperback
Pages: 477
Published: 17 August 2012
Price: $14.45

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