Grace in all Her Steps

In 1901 young housemaid, Martha Pick, witnesses the birth of Grace Goldhurst, born into a life of wealth and luxury as the youngest daughter of Rutland's most prestigious family. Except Grace is different to her brother and sisters; she will never enjoy the benefits of such a privileged lifestyle because she has a mental disability. Grace is a difficult child to deal with. She is aggressive and defiant; intolerant of strangers or loud noises; she howls, barely speaks or makes eye contact; she is incapable of showing emotion and has a short attention span. Whilst Grace’s behaviour drives many nannies and doctors away, it draws her and Martha together in an unlikely bond that will last a lifetime. As Grace's compassionate and loyal older sister, Alice, flourishes as a self-made couturier, Grace becomes increasingly isolated from her family and, with her behaviour growing evermore erratic; the threat of the asylum is never far from their minds. Shortly after a family tragedy, Alice confides a devastating secret about her sister to Martha and they vow to conceal the truth forever. But how far will they go to protect Grace from a world that is largely ignorant and intolerant of mental disabilities?
ISBN: 9781784074753
Type: Paperback
Pages: 253
Published: 2 April 2014
Price: $12.95

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