Grim Reaping

The life of Death is never simple, but when little green men are rumoured to be plotting his demise things can get so complicated. Welcome to the Business of Life, the company responsible for Existence, run exquisitely under the ever watchful, all-seeing-eye of Johnny B God. In the grand scheme of all things Immortal, Grim Alfonzo Reaper has been the collector of souls since the Days of Creation, which followed many millennia of brainstorming and graph analysis, but he has never come across a situation where a soul he collects apparently died while digging his grave. Who would want to kill Death? Men in green Lycra apparently which would suggest a lack of both common and dress sense. Aided and hindered in equal measure by a verbally-challenged demon, the Devil himself, and a multitude of vapourous but colourful collected souls, Grim finds that his life was much simpler when all humans had to say was "Ug." A surreal comic fantasy about death, life, love, annoyance, violence, depravity, green Lycra and just a little Grim Reaping.
ISBN: 9781781767405
Type: Paperback
Pages: 340
Published: 6 September 2012
Price: $12.95

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