A major tragedy can jolt us out of complacency and onto another level of consciousness. Once we’re through the initial shock, we’re forced to see our world more clearly. If nothing else, we learn not to expect a smooth passage through life. Any morning we could wake up to a different reality. After a horrendous car accident which left her husband mentally and physically handicapped, Sue Balfour had found herself married to a different man. For her it was a crucial turning-point. When she realised he would never recover, she decided it was time for them to be re-born as another couple in another place where no-one knew them and they’d be accepted at face value. She turned her back on a successful career, sold their home in London and bought a 17th century farmhouse in rural France. What lay ahead was beyond her worst nightmares and her wildest dreams.
ISBN: 9781786970480
Type: Paperback
Pages: 376
Published: 27 October 2016
Price: $10.56