Hannah Kimble

This is a story of love and betrayal set in the quaint Staffordshire village of Edingale in 1946. When Joshua Tyne, a dashing American air-force pilot, moves into Edingale Manor House, the village is abuzz with the news. But not everyone welcomes a Yank moving into the village. Hannah Kimble has endured a sad,lonely life and lives alone in the village shop, which she owns and runs. One evening, while out walking with her Border collie, Hannah meets Joshua in the manor's coppice. This is Hannah's secret place and where she spent most of her lonely childhood. Some days later, Joshua asks Hannah if she will help him host a dinner party he's giving for business clients. The evening is a success and Hannah believes she has found love with Joshua owing to his actions. But has she mistaken simple kindness for love? And then there's the betrayal. Have two jealous women torn Joshua and Hannah apart?
ISBN: 9781782992486
Type: Paperback
Pages: 326
Published: 27 June 2014
Price: $12.95

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