Hattie's Hero

Hattie is a hen living on a farm in the country. She is happy living in the hen house with her friends but one day realises she feels broody. Hattie wants to have a family of her own but this will not be easy. The farmer collects the eggs everyday to sell at the gate. His wife also uses them to cook. How will Hattie manage to keep eggs to hatch when the farmer wants them all? Budd the cockerel thinks that Hattie and the other hens are silly trying to hide eggs from the farmer. Budd tries to tell the farmer at first but then suddenly he likes the idea of being a dad. One night when Budd is guarding Hattie on her secret nest a badger passes by. The badger sniffs the air and smells the eggs. Budd has to take the badger off the trail and away from the nest. Budd gets injured and is left for dead and nobody realises he has become a hero. Does Hattie manage to hatch her chicks against the odds. Is Budd the hero really dead? Will the farmer find the secret nest?
ISBN: 9781784075576
Type: Paperback
Pages: 161
Published: 26 March 2014
Price: $11.27

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