Have You Ever Heard The Tales of "The Weird Woman?"

Do you believe in magic? Do you ever take an interest in what the world or what Society was like during the days of the most unknown? It is 19th century Britain, an ordinary woman who lives the life of a wealthy and rich wife isn't as happy as she may seem. But how can she be if she has a beloved daughter who is gravely ill, living in a time where women's views were not permitted, she is stuck in her own imagination but more importantly, she has a secret that she keeps from almost everyone. A secret that she locks away in a spare room upstairs. But is it really a secret after all if at the last minute, her ill and desperate daughter pleads with her mother for nothing but the truth? Read on as this secret starts to become unravelled through a book of old diary entries from people of the past, exposing secrets, unravelling through time and living in days of when magic probably existed around the world?
ISBN: 9781803027371
Type: Paperback
Pages: 60
Published: 8 February 2023
Price: $6.49

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