Hidden Harmony

All through life, I’ve been drawn to the places behind “stories”. It is as though the place where things really happen in life is the “backstage” and that is where I like to go. Why, where, what? Even in my medical practice, this has been the pull, the call, the real playground. Why does this person heal and not that person? Why does this method work and not that method? The placebo effect – what is really going on here? Those scientific research results – what is the missing ‘x’ in the equations and formulas? This is a collection of some of my “backstage explorations” into this beautiful mystery called life. They are waves and glimpses that I try to express as words and stanzas. It will resonate with anyone who has wondered about the mystery of life yet loves the unsolved puzzles that they meet daily.
ISBN: 9781839453496
Type: Paperback
Pages: 98
Published: 26 June 2020
Price: $7.89

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