Hidden truth

Felicity is an eighteen year old girl who still lives with her parents, one day the household receives a call from Felicity’s grandfather who owns an all-boys boarding school and offers her a free spot; due to the fact her parents jumped at the chance to get rid of her they agreed for her to go. When felicity meets her roommates Nate, chaise and Aiden; felicity gets mad and angers Aiden, causing his eyes to turn a different color; when Aiden states ‘You don’t know who or what I am. You shouldn’t make Enemies with those you don’t know anything about’ Felicity then knows that there is something different about them and she’s determined to find out. Aiden and felicity doesn't get along very well, but when stuff starts hitting the fan Will felicity and Aiden learn to put their differences aside and help each other survive or will they fight till only one person is left standing?
ISBN: 9781781765562
Type: Paperback
Pages: 135
Published: 18 July 2012
Price: $10.25