House of Memories

The second and continuing story of the Cartarett family. World War Two is over, the children are growing up and leaving home, and Esther finds it hard to adjust to having just the youngest, April, left at home. Tensions build at number twelve Kestrel Road in Portsmouth with a series of worrying events, and it looks as if Harry and Esther are drifting apart. The arrival of another grandchild, and April's success with her singing, help them come to terms with their changing lives. David, Alex, Catherine and Edwin each find their own happiness away from the family home, and Harry is proud with the way they have all turned out. Life goes on, and it isn't until a shocking tragedy changes all their lives that they realise how much they have lost.
ISBN: 9781849234559
Type: Paperback
Pages: 350
Published: 8 April 2015
Price: $12.95