How Al Sistani, and Pope Francis regained peace in Iraq

How Al Sistani and The Pope regained peace in Iraq by Atef Kadom is an educational and expressive book highlighting the history and religious importance of two incredibly well known and influential religious leaders. It delves deeply into Al sistanis role in sectarian Iraq and how and if the Iraqi citizens accepted his role as cleric. The book will identify and analyze the distinction between Al Sistani’s approach, and Wilayat al-Faqih. Furthermore the book also discusses the interconnections between both Australia and Iraq and the connection that Iraqis living in Australia have with Al Sistani. The book targets various questions that are usually avoided during political communities such as: To what extent do Iraqi people accept Al Sistani’s role as a cleric with political influence? Do they approve of his approach to his own political influence? Do Iraqis see Al Sistani as holding special hope for Iraq in regard to the nation’s problems, and to how Iraq is viewed by the rest of the world? How does Al Sistani see his role? Why did Al Sistani issue an election Fatwa in 2004 while most of the Sunni areas were suffering from terrorism and therefore could not participate in elections? Why did Al Sistani issue a Jihad Fatwa against ISIS but not against American occupation forces when they invaded Iraq? Does Al Sistani support democracy? What is the attitude of the Iraqi diaspora in Australia to Al Sistani, and to what extent do they follow his leadership? The book challenges the religious world as we know it and how two polar opposite religious leaders (The Pope and Al Sistani) were able to regain peace and prosperity to the country of Iraq, and how the merging of two religious leaders can result in a brighter and better future. The book delves into the history of Iraq and how it has been affected by religious indifference. As well as why both The Pope and Al Sistani hold the religious power they have.
ISBN: 9781803028743
Type: Hardback + Dust Jacket
Pages: 276
Published: 28 July 2023
Price: $12.95

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