A story that spans three centuries, two continents and emotions from rib aching laughter to gut wrenching despair. Every child grows up with some mysterious figure promising future reward for present forbearance – like Father Christmas or the Tooth Fairy. For Gareth Parry, growing up in an unconventional household surrounded by respectable and disapproving neighbours, it was Mr Lemon who he was told would lead the family out of genteel poverty. But was Mr Lemon just an imaginary character designed to keep young Gareth in line or was he a real person holding the key to long lost riches? Little did Gareth realise as he set out to answer that question that his search would reveal such inspiring yet tragic secrets. Even less did he realise that a begrudged favour carried out for a neighbour would bring him face to face with violent crime and ultimately lead to revelation of the final secret.
ISBN: 9781781761717
Type: Paperback
Pages: 290
Published: 28 March 2012
Price: $12.95