A damp funeral in the heart of industrial South Wales in 1972, leads to unexpected discoveries that spring from an old biscuit tin full of memories. A tin left as a life by the buried man, its contents spark a quest for his history; his world, his loves, his crimes, his treasures. A hidden friend they knew nothing of. Unexpected discoveries usher them through worlds of hardship, crime, intrigue, brutality, and racial tensions. Worlds where life is cheap. Two brothers, one woman, a tin box full of tantalising truths, secret truths which drive their search from 1919, across four continents, and beyond 1972 to the present day. The truths are uncomfortable, shocking and dangerous. ‘The Elephant’, Banjo, Dykka, Malakye, Eloise; each have their stories, each have their horrors, each have their lies. All are connected. The tin box releases the people they touched, the people they destroyed. The legacy of men from worlds apart and the woman who scarred them all. A story of desperate measures in desperate times, of need and desire, of lives lost and lives stolen. A story that spans a century. A story of the sea, of war, of passion. Your story. Everyone’s story.
ISBN: 9781781767139
Type: Paperback
Pages: 431
Published: 1 September 2012
Price: $14.45

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