One hundred years after the First World War, conflicts are no longer fought in the trenches with guns and tanks. The battles of the twenty-first century will be wars of words waged in the media and the rewards will be public opinion. When Metropol Industries threatens to produce a documentary that calls into question Britain's attack on a Middle Eastern country, the Government is not amused. A war breaks out between Metropol Industries' unscrupulous owner, Peter Carter, and Downing Street's borderline-satanic Press Secretary, Andrew Burns. Both heavyweight public figures are willing to use every trick in their media arsenals to discredit and destroy the other. When two such tyrants collide, no one can truly win, but there can be plenty of losers caught in the middle. Two such 'media pawns' are Peter's ex employees Belle Warren and Karen Wren, who came up with the damaging documentary in the first place. Andrew wants to silence them. Peter wants them to help him utilise this situation to elevate his public standing. Will they really be able to make sure the truth is ever told?
ISBN: 9781849234955
Type: Paperback
Pages: 402
Published: 1 November 2011
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