In The Rearview

Throughout my life I have wrestled with the thoughts of mortality and my purpose here on earth. I was raised on Madison Street in Passaic, New Jersey where everyone was like family. I was from a place where living in a 6 family apartment building with approximately 150 families sharing one single city block which made for fun and games along with fights and notions of being rich one day. I spent numerous days trying to figure out how to become a rich man like George Jefferson. I received a great education from Rider University despite being called a white boy growing up because I had good grades. I became a teacher as a result and my life experiences are all partly responsible for the little kid called Junior from Madison growing up to become a teacher but not losing the thoughts of Uncle Lou who told me, “You will never make money working.” So my journey began after the death of Marshall Grier Sr. and the development of Vitiligo which was caused by a severe love of my city and the break down of my auto-immune system. I want to inspire all those who read this Memoir to understand that we all have a story to tell and at some point in our lives , it shall be told.
ISBN: 9781784075620
Type: Paperback
Pages: 196
Published: 4 April 2014
Price: $10.95

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