Indian Summer

Claudia Elliott's world turns upside down when she falls for the local vicar's wife. Too bad Claudia is married to top transport exec Charles and a pillar of the church to boot. While Viv Barclay, though no stranger to the kind of dalliance presented to her here, revels, at first, in the adulation. Even offering Claudia light work at the Rectory. Then with passions inflamed, Viv realizes she dare not risk involvement on home ground. To get herself off the hook, the rector's wife points Claudia to the THREE F'S PLUS - Females, Fun, Friendship AND more, dating agency, sending Claudia roaring around the English countryside on her high powered scooter. Desperate to have her awakened need met. Following a catalogue of horrendous mismatches and two brief affairs, all while still married to Charles, Claudia meets Jackie Foster, fellow believer and long suffering wife of 'all mouth and no trousers' DCI Ivan Foster. Ripe for the picking, Jackie falls headlong for Claudia but finds she needs the patience of Job to win her heart. When she finally does, will the obstacles they face to settle together prove insurmountable? The four part saga begins during the last part of the twentieth century. Then, after several twists and turns along the way, it is as the new millennium dawns, the reader learns whether events play out to bring blessing or curse to a love which, until recent times, dare not speak its name. A fun read intended to tackle in lighthearted fashion, what is still one of the traditional church's most controversial issues. At the same time bringing into focus, a fundamental truth of how life often happens while we are busy making plans.
ISBN: 9781835970430
Type: Paperback
Pages: 264
Published: 9 February 2024
Price: $12.95

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