Inspector Reid: The Real Ripper Street

The serial killer later known as Jack the Ripper, haunted London's smog filled streets in the year of 1888. This killer is still unknown,causing there to be many suspects and many suspect books. This is not one of them. What if 130 years on since these horrid Ripper murders, we flip the case on its head and instead of focusing on who the killer might have been, we focus on who the men were that hunted the murderer instead? Inspector Edmund John James Reid was one of these men. He was probably as well known in his lifetime as he is today, thanks to a certain television programme, Ripper Street. However have you ever wondered if Inspector Reid has been portrayed correctly? How much of what we are watching is accurate to the man, his career and his life? Well, let us try and find out about the man behind the uniform, the man that was just as interesting as the cases he worked on and the man that, sadly lays in his last resting place, 100 years since his passing, without a headstone.(Something the author hopes this book might help to change) With brand new information and family photographs that have never been published before, maybe just maybe Edmund Reid will be more than a name mentioned within the Jack the Ripper case.
ISBN: 9781788763004
Type: Paperback
Pages: 166
Published: 16 April 2018
Price: $11.95