It's Muddy And It Smells

This slim, elegant volume takes a sideways look at the whole business and pleasure of being Outdoors in Britain. Why do we subject ourselves to the weather, the potential for getting lost, encounters with anti-social livestock? Are maps and Merino wool base-layers even necessary? There is sensible advice - never trust a Shetland pony - and reflections on times and places when just being Outdoors is a welcome escape from the everyday. 'It's Muddy And It Smells' takes a look at the many facets of Outdoor Britain without being precious or unduly flippant. Contentious topics are discussed where necessary, or when the author felt in need of a good, brief rant. The style of the book is mostly conversational and a number of photographs add seasoning to the repast. Terry O'Connor is fond of sheep, gardening and walking, and has been rained upon in many and varied places.
ISBN: 9781839453649
Type: Paperback
Pages: 136
Published: 9 July 2020
Price: $10.25

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