Jangwani (I've got a baby with blue eyes)

Jangwani (I’ve got a baby with blue eyes) Set in Tanzania, the story opens two years earlier recounting the truth of the road accident in which PAUL NEVILLE supposedly dies as outlined in Jangwani (I want a baby with blue eyes). Everyone thinks Paul is dead, even his lover SIARA. Paul has left her enough cash to start her own business; it will secure their unborn child, PAULETTE’s future. During Paul’s ordeal, MAAHEEN, Siara’s mystical grandmother, uses her magical powers to control the lovers’ minds to help defeat a human trafficking ring involving Siara’s ex-boyfriend, GREGORI. However, Maaheen’s prime concern has always been to ensure Paul fathers Siara’s child, but she must also protect her reputation amongst her people as a powerful Laibon, with awesome healing and prophetic powers. She had foretold Paul’s death – a prophecy, failing to materialise, will seriously undermine the effectiveness of future predictions. After careful consideration, she fakes Paul’s death and sends his diaries to his wife, HANNAH, in the UK. She uses her influence to ensure Hannah writes the novel Jangwani (I want a baby with blue eyes). This is Maaheen’s way of ensuring that the horrors of human trafficking are publicised through the medium of the book. Maaheen hides Paul away in a remote village outside the town of Arusha, but two years later Paul, although alive, still suffers from amnesia. Believing that Siara could help his recovery, Maaheen relents on the earlier decision to keep Paul’s survival secret. Siara fights to restore Paul’s memory so that together they can protect their daughter from the clutches of their enemies. Gregori, unable to father children because of Siara’s violent attack upon discovering him bedding MARIA and EIDI, who had her own designs on Paul and blames Siara’s use of magic for his death. They will stop at nothing to gain revenge; her baby is an ideal target. Paul and Siara must part company to overcome separate challenges and finally outwit them. Destined to be her successor, even in death Maaheen must ensure that Paulette carries on her kind. After much heartache, Paul decides to go back to his wife and family in England to face an uncertain future. Paulette, however, with her growing insight, is confident that he will return to Tanzania.
ISBN: 9781786978523
Type: Paperback
Pages: 374
Published: 22 June 2017
Price: $12.95

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