Justified, True, Believed Book 1

It was Plato who allegedly said, "A statement must meet three criteria to be considered knowledge. It must be justified, true and believed". How then do you begin to recount the events of how two ordinary working-class boys from England develop a means to access previously unknown knowledge affecting the entire world as we know it? Two unremarkable brothers who after twenty years of following separate life paths get back together to combine abilities they always knew they had to produce results they could never have imagined. What begins as a simple experiment soon develops into something so far reaching and globally significant they will be forced to make decisions impacting all mankind. Yet not only do they have the chance to influence how the world of the future should be, but provide the answers to many of Man's greatest questions and challenges. How can you justify this, how could it be true and will you ever believe it?
ISBN: 9781785108044
Type: Paperback
Pages: 300
Published: 19 May 2015
Price: $14.50

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