An interpretation; based on a true story; the unusual life of Kal Saldana as he transitions from a young boy with his dog through teenage idealism, youthful fantasies and adult realism. We have all experienced pain; we have all experienced heartache. Many experiences or moments are etched into our memories. Some make us smile, some make us proud, some inspire us, others guide us and some stay buried forever; the darker ones rise to subdue or defeat us when we least expect it. Everyone makes mistakes, we live with them. The torture starts when it’s our own mistakes that bring on the pain... This story is about one person growing through his moments. The memories of what took his breath away, the secrets of his private dream world. So odd, so rare - this story had to be told...
ISBN: 9781786100986
Type: Paperback
Pages: 441
Published: 2 September 2015
Price: $15.56

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