Tom Trump was only one week into his summer holiday from school; normally he would be full of mischief and getting into trouble for pulling pranks on his best friend Archie Partridge, who was his complete opposite. Despite this the twelve-year-old boys were inseparable. But things were about to change dramatically when the mysterious Mr Potts enters their lives and takes them on a journey of discovery, travelling back in time to show them how fortunate they really were. At the same time Toms family life was changing as his father inherits a broken down theatre full of costumes and props. Owning the theatre was not without problems, treachery and blackmail, just two of the hurdles to be put in his way, stopping him from reaching his dream. With the help of Mr Potts, the old costumes and the original keys to the stage door the boys start their journeys to the past, Each costume transports them to the place and year from the stage play that they were made for, each putting them in danger and in a position of not knowing if they would ever be able to return to their own lives.
ISBN: 9781908603814
Type: Paperback
Pages: 111
Published: 29 October 2011
Price: $10.25

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