The MP, The Madame and a Dodgy Russian Kristina Keillor was on the run. A trail of dead working girls behind her, she was next on the list. The killer with big hands was closing in fast, but hadn't accounted for her fondness of shooting bad guys. She had lost one father along the way, found another. Jerry Keller was tasked to find her, keep her safe - would kill anyone who threatened that. Geoffrey Gerrard, the shameless, alcoholic, old Fleet Street hack, sniffed out the biggest story of his career. But succeeded in digging a deep hole for himself with his reckless pen. Frankie Hills, ex-World Boxing Champion, fading local hero, managed the 'Knock-Out' club, Mayfair.There, naughty goings-on threaten to blast open the closed circle that is the establishment. Andrew Booth, Prime Minister with the Smooth Touch, faced an inglorious, down-hill slide; his fate in the cold, bloodstained hands of fugitive Oligarch, Stanislav Vasiliev. His remaining option as avengers close in around him, to return home to Mother Russia. But that is dependant on purchasing a fractious peace with would-be President Vladimir Putin ............ A deadly price-tag that London cannot afford.
ISBN: 9781781762721
Type: Paperback
Pages: 309
Published: 20 April 2012
Price: $12.95

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