Kathleen. At fifty four, Kathleen Nulty, the seemingly contented Irish Catholic wife of Gerard Nulty a wealthy international businessman, mother of Liam and Sian and grandmother of four, had an epiphany, compelling her towards an adulterous experience. A chance meeting delivers her that opportunity with someone she has known and loved all her life; Rory; a successful international property developer and the subject of a Russian Mafia extortion. Failure to comply with the Russian’s extortion demands brings swift and uncompromising retaliation and bad, life changing things happen. The Russian’s discovery of Kathleen’s affair with Rory sucks her husband Gerard into their vortices of crime and corruption as an innocent victim of their cold-blooded demands; and worse, life changing things happen. Despair and fear pervades Kathleen’s life and severely tests her coping capacity. Determined not to become a victim of the Russian Mafia herself she attempts to disappear. Unable to return to Ireland she is thwarted by the Russian’s international tentacles and subjected to their uncompromising brutality. A chance discovery unearths the unwitting involvement in aiding and abetting the Russian’s extortions by a life-long family loved-one. When there appears to be a light at the end of Kathleen’s tunnel of darkness the Russian Mafia crank their extortive behaviours to an unfathomably cruel level; Kathleen’s future continues to be muddy and uncertain. A compelling exploration of Love and Marriage, Lust and Deceit, Merciless Extortion and Unexpected Consequences.
ISBN: 9781839453762
Type: Paperback
Pages: 406
Published: 14 January 2021
Price: $14.45

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