King of the Hoboes

Two detectives investigate a charismatic leader among the homeless community whose campaign of civil disobedience creates chaos throughout the streets of NYC. The situation threatens to escalate into violence as the world press focuses on the plight of the impoverished. Yet Veronika and Evan suspect that Adolf Hyatt has an ulterior motive as his notoriety increases. The concern is that terrorist groups may take advantage of the situation as the streets of New York become a battlefield between the authorities and the demonstrators. Veronika goes undercover to infiltrate the group and is introduced to a pitiless world of survival where women and children are marginalized and danger lurks at every nightfall. She finds herself dependent on the Hobo Network to survive, learning more about Hyatt’s true plans in glorifying himself and his campaign at the expense of the City while using the homeless as cannon fodder. This is a gut-wrenching look at the surreal world of homeless women living on the streets, and the fanatical vision of a false messiah manipulating the media for gain and glory.
ISBN: 9781784073046
Type: Paperback
Pages: 178
Published: 9 January 2014
Price: $11.25

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