The Tourist theme for Papua New Guinea is "Expect the Unexpected". Tourists attend pre-arranged portrayals of the rich diversity of cultures, and see fleeting glimpses of the scenery. To actually live in lesser-known areas of this mysterious country, and experience the culture from 'the inside out' as it were, was my privilege for most of my adult life. This presented almost daily challenges to expect the unexpected! The stories here are drawn from the 10 years I was based in the D'entrecasteaux Island Group, in the Milne Bay Province. As a missionary I was welcomed, accepted and trusted by people who were endlessly patient with, and forgiving of, this outsider's ignorance of their social norms and values. The most telling situations during those years was when I was the receiver, rather than the giver. Times when I was completely dependent of the people for food, shelter and transport; when I would not have been able to move around without their generous guiding. Our mutual interaction enriched my life enormously.
ISBN: 9781782994336
Type: Paperback
Pages: 82
Published: 17 May 2013
Price: $9.29

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