Last Stone Standing

The focus of Christianity is Jesus Christ, yet for many he has been displaced by religious practices that were unknown to the early church. The question is - Why? If a time traveling first century Christian visited a church service today he would immediately recognizes the large building, the sanctuary, the altar table, the pulpit, the priest/pastor, choir, the robes and vestments, and the culture of a man being superior to a woman. Yes, he would recognize all of these things as being part of the pagan world that he, as a Christian, had been called out of. He would probably turn tail while thanking Jesus that he no longer needed any of that. We, on the other hand, do connect all these things to our Christian experience of today. Where we have a problem is in seeing how they connect to the church of the first century. That is why this book is subtitled, ‘Why Do We Do It The Way We Do?’ Against a backdrop of world events, Last Stone Standing lays out how many of the accepted practices of today became entrenched within it. A must read for all those interested in living an authentic Christian life.
ISBN: 9781781763018
Type: Paperback
Pages: 140
Published: 2 May 2012
Price: $13.02