Life: A Player's Guide

What if life wasn’t the series of relatively pointless and mostly trivial events, beginning at birth and ending rather ignominiously at death, which many of the young – and not-so-young - attempt to avoid by escaping into fantasy worlds on their computers and games consoles? What if life was instead a meticulously planned experience; one that in fact turns out to be closely mirrored by those role-player computer games? Would that mean the Purpose of Life is simply to work through the many levels and challenges, building up valuable EXP (experience) as we go? If so, how might that change the way we play? Life: A Player’s Guide leads its readers through the amazing implications of this possibility. It also goes much further. It dares to suggest that each of us is not only the lowly game player, participating in the adventure and stashing away experience points on the way, but also – at a higher level of consciousness – a holographic portion of the designer and creator of The Game itself. Looked at this way, life becomes a cosmic, multi-dimensional, co-creative experience that we are building with every new thought and choice.
ISBN: 9781781767764
Type: Paperback
Pages: 315
Published: 28 September 2012
Price: $12.95