Lighter Fluid

'..the washing machine, alone in a corner, was covered in bloody handprints ... if any neighbours came a-calling they'd have some serious explaining to do, and somehow, I didn't think 'we're keen hunters' would cover it..' In a small town in the north of England, a young girl is swept into another world when she meets... Nope, sorry, can't do this. I'm a vampire, right. This is my story of how it happened, of why I chose to be turned and what I did next. It's pretty unbelievable, and probably contains more blood, mud, running, lighters, broken bones, vampire dogs, rain, jetpacks, murder and fire than is usual. Hold on to your humanity, guys. This is where things start to get weird. PS. I was kidding about the jetpacks.
ISBN: 9781781762264
Type: Paperback
Pages: 368
Published: 10 April 2012
Price: $12.95