Like to the Lark

Tom, Angela and David were fellow students at university in the 1990s. Tom and Angela, meeting as a result of a common religious faith, were soulmates and eminently compatible, despite their contrasting backgrounds. Their bonds of affection could have blossomed if Angela had not been engaged to be married to David, her childhood sweetheart. Fourteen years later, not having had contact since being students, Tom and Angela are reunited by a dramatic quirk of fate. David, normally a careful driver, has recently died in a road accident, a tragedy that Angela believes would not have happened if her husband had not been troubled by a situation arising from his secretive activities as a fine art dealer. Tom and Angela are now free to embark on a love affair that both hope will be forever, and their relationship flourishes as they reveal to each other how they have each been influenced by past emotional involvements. Angela needs a sense of closure that can only be achieved by unravelling the mysteries surrounding David's career in the art world. They set out on a mission to elucidate David's professional life, and encounter an abundance of fascinating characters in the process.
ISBN: 9781782993483
Type: Paperback
Pages: 346
Published: 26 April 2013
Price: $12.95