Little Buddha's Big Miracle In Lai Shan Road

A compassionate little Buddha contemplating eternity sits in the garden of a most unusual hotel in a once upon a time Singapore. The little Buddha brings wealth and happiness to a charming young Chinese cabaret dancer and singer, Mei Lin. Fame and a full belly go to the ferocious wrestler, Mad Mick McGurk, always hungry and, says his manager, someone with a face like a very bad tempered gorilla. These are the main characters in The Little Buddha's Big Miracle In Lai Shan Road, the first of 16 stories, all with a variety of people, mood, time and locale – including India, China, Malaysia, Japan, London and Liverpool. Take, for example, two very different tales of love, both set in the Middle East. The star crossed lovers are Death, who is shocked to discover that he does have such a thing as a heart for a lost love and an Englishman who's visit to the Sultanate of Oman could mean a lifetime of searching. War, not love, is the subject of another story as history students in a far, far away galaxy study World War on a Planet Earth - as seen from the multiverse. In their current study they have a close up picture of Winston Church and Adolf Hitler in a fight to the death in a shell hole on the Western Front... So many different themes, times and places – and these are just four of the 16 tales in Little Buddha's Big Miracle In Lai Shan Road.
ISBN: 9781788768467
Type: Paperback
Pages: 216
Published: 15 May 2019
Price: $12.65

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