Margaret Erskine, mistress of James, King of Scots and reluctant chatelaine of Lochleven Castle, will let nothing stand in the way of her ambitions for her son Lord James Stewart. Surviving through the turmoil of the 16th century Reformation in Scotland, he achieves ultimate power as Regent. But then, unexpectedly, his half-sister, the young Mary, Queen of Scots, is widowed and returns to Scotland determined to rule in her own right. And Margaret, who hated the girl’s mother Marie de Guise for usurping her position, will make sure the young queen’s authority still depends on Margaret's son. This novel, the third in Janet Walkinshaw's Scottish Reformation trilogy recounts the story of Margaret Erskine from her affair with the king through to the flight of Mary Queen of Scots from Lochleven Castle, where she has been Margaret's prisoner.
ISBN: 9781788764131
Type: Paperback
Pages: 328
Published: 29 June 2018
Price: $12.95

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