Looking for Ginger

The past will never let you go... Mallory was obsessed. He had stumbled upon the spoor of a lost Erich Von Stroheim film and was convinced his future depended upon his finding it. To do so though, he first had to probe the past of an old man, and the old man had an obsession of his own. His grandson had disappeared, and a decade later the only clues to what had happened to him were the few bones found in the rusting shell of the boy’s submerged car. To find the Stroheim film, Mallory first had to discover what had happened to the boy. That was the arrangement. But the path through the old man’s past wasn’t clear. Obscuring the trail were the echoes of a half-forgotten massacre, the scandal of a dead movie actress, and an ever-present enigma, never more than the disembodied voice on a series of taped reminiscences. And then there was the old man’s granddaughter, Julia, taciturn and obstructive. Mallory needed help and turned to his only friend. But obsession can be infectious.
ISBN: 9781786978202
Type: Paperback
Pages: 302
Published: 17 May 2017
Price: $12.95